About ZugiAI

ZugiAI is a full-Suite, machine learning platform for VC due-diligence & workflows.

ZugiAI levels the VC playing field by addressing long standing inequalities and empowering smaller small & independent funds to operate as efficiently as the largest VC players, and compete fairly in sourcing great venture deals to invest in.

Outbound venture sourcing requires employing analysts and spending fortunes on multi layered tech stacks and integrations to perform startup due-diligence and deal sourcing. The bottom 75% of VC sourcing and management is inefficient and costly.

The ZugiAI Suite leverages machine learning to augment venture sourcing, automates dealflow prospecting & performs generative AI due-diligence analysis and reporting from open-source data and self-assessments, all for a fraction of the cost and time.

The future of Capital allocation is here

AI modelling due-diligence in a fraction of the time & cost